RSS, I love you.

I love my RSS reader.  I use Google Reader.

If you don’t know what an RSS reader is, take 3:46 seconds to watch this video.  I promise, it’s worth it!  This nifty tool will help you follow your favorite blogs as easily as checking your e-mail.

Here are links to a couple of posts on blogs I follow using my RSS Reader that caught my eye recently:

Over on Literacy Builders:

Teach them Well Her thesis?  We’re responsible for when things go right in our classrooms, and we need to own that.  We also need to own when things are not going so well.

Better than the Best Never mind that the story is about Tiger Woods.  I think she makes a great point about thinking about why we do what we do- we should always have a reason.  And, I think we can always amplify our success.

Not directly related to teaching,  the always clever Indexed offers these gems:

Stretching is good stuff

Poor things

And, a great end of year book list:

From the NY Public Library

If you like these posts, you can subscribe to these blogs on your chosen Reader!

What blogs do you follow?


2 responses to “RSS, I love you.

  1. Um, I don’t see a way to add YOU to my RSS feed. Am I missing something?


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