Probably NOT Just Right

When is a book not appropriate for a child?  Yes, they can read it… but…

I read the Hunger Games this summer and loved it, but found myself thinking “Hmmm…” when I saw it show up on the desks of a couple of 4th and 5th grade students last week.  If you have students reading this book (or the rest of the trilogy) and you have not read it yourself, read this review of the series so you know a bit about the content.

I’m not suggesting we rip anything out of their hands, but this book was written for students older than those in the LS.  Any thoughts out there on how you would handle this situation if you were to find yourself in it?

One response to “Probably NOT Just Right

  1. Hey Carrie,
    Thanks for this post. I did overhear a student talking about the Hunger Games last week and now I am aware of the content. I have been reading books in my classroom library (when I can fit it in) but the pace has slowed down dramatically the last 2 weeks. Reading your blog will keep reminding me of how I need to keep this up.

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