A Book A Week #28

The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder


I read this book because it appeared on this poll which is from a blog that a librarian writes.  I really like the blog and I had never heard of this book before.

The book is about six kids who invent a complex imagination game about Egypt, but it has multiple problems in the story.  It was originally published in 1967 and was dated in some parts-like the  use of the word negro, for example.

The book does a great job of taking you into the mind of a child’s imagination, but I don’t know how relvant it would be for kids today. What child in our classes could imagine living in an urban area and being allowed to run free from the after school hour until 5:30 every day?

Still, I really enjoyed the book- it’s well written and does a nice job with the character arc of the main character, April.  It could be used to teach plot structure and internal/external action as well.  But there are other books out there that could do this too, so I am not sure this is one that would get a lot of play in a classroom these days.

Now that I have started with the list of 100 books, I feel compelled to read all 100 of them.  Anyone care to join me?

One response to “A Book A Week #28

  1. Barb Middleton

    I’ll join you in the 100 books. I went to Page One and got Megan Whalen Turner’s books: The Thief, A Conspiracy of Kings, The King of Attolia, the Queen of Attolia. I ordered all the books for the library on the 100 list (we have most) and could not find one of them using Follett, Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome.

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