Poem Me!

Poem in Your Pocket Day:  April 30th!

Need some inspiration to inspire your inner poetic muse?

Read: In his essay Got Poetry, author Jim Holt makes the case for why we should memorize some poetry.  I read this last year when it was published, and never did commit to memorizing poetry.  I still liked the essay though.

Watch: In Birth of a Poem, poet Tina Chang narrates her pictorial essay on her own writing process.  The images she uses in this piece are simple yet stunning.  I’d love to see students publish something in this format.

Listen: At Poetry Archive, you can hear poets read their own work.  Roald Dahl reading “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”- what a treasure!

Write: Yes, of course, you could do all the things we teach students to do during our poetry units of study.  But for those of us who still need even more scaffolding than that, check out this fill-in-the-blank site for creating poetry of all kinds.

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