Debbie Miller + Stenhouse= Good Stuff!

OK, I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming EARCOS weekend with Debbie Miller in Japan and wishing I was going… but in lieu of a trip to see her, here are some places you can see and hear her on the Stenhouse site (have I mentioned how much I love the Stenhouse site?)

Podcast with Debbie Miller:  Debbie and the interviewer cover some excellent topics including:

  • how her transition from teaching to consulting has reinforced her belief that the structure of the workshop works at every grade level.
  • the importance of really listening to students and how it is the only way to really elevate what they can do idependently.
  • giving students a sense of agency
  • the essence of what we are teaching at any grade level is:  “What do we know about ourselves now as readers now and how do we get ourselves there?”
  • being authentic put ourselves our there in our teaching

Here are 2 links to posts from the Stenhouse blog that are excerpts from Debbie’s book:  Teaching with Intention

These are links to video clips:

Debbie has incredible faith in children and really high expectations for what they can do and for what we can learn from them.  She keeps pushing my thinking forward- I love that in a teacher!

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