A Book A Week: Book 6

6.  Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

Level:  Z

A classic.  When you enter this title in Google, there is no author web site or fancy page for the book.  The first hit is wikipedia!  There are Sparks Notes on this book (apparently the new ‘Cliffs Notes’).  I hear this is required reading in Grade 6.  Despite all this… I really enjoyed this book.  The balance of action, dialogue, and character development kept things moving right along.  The gist:  a 13 year old boy loves his hunting dogs.  I think we all know how this one ends- otherwise it might not be a classic- but I managed not to sob anyway.  This book was a pleasure to read, and I feel I good having it under my belt.  However, I don’t really see it making it’s way into my pile of books to recommend to LS students.  Consequently, I am not going to go into all the detail about the ways it might get used in the classroom.  Plus, I am feeling pressed for time this week…  and I need to get started on book #7 to keep up.

But first a few thoughts as I close the door on month #1…

I am proud that I have stuck to my goal of a book a week.  The blogging helps- even though I don’t imagine there are hoards of people reading this, I still like the idea of having an audience:  someone might be checking up on me!  I guess that’s why people make their resolutions public- it helps with follow through.

This goal is also helping widen my reading diet, which lately has consisted mostly of reading professional things and reading the news (interpret the definition of ‘news’ widely.  I do get on People.com from time to time!).  I like being involved in a story at all times, and I haven’t been in that kind of reading habit since before I had my kids.  Yes, there have been books- many books, but there has not always been a book beckoning to me. And with this goal, there is.  In fact, this week’s book is beckoning to me right now.  So, it’s time to log off and get reading!

One response to “A Book A Week: Book 6

  1. I am reading and staying connected to my goal of keeping a gratitude journal this entire year!!

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