I was notoriously bad about keeping resolutions- until last year.  My husband, who lives and breathes by his cell phone, was increasingly annoyed with me for not having access to me 24/7 on my cell phone.  It was ugly, it didn’t well, it was old, etc…

For Christmas 2008, he got me the cell phone of my dreams- or at least one that worked well and had lots of features I would never explore.  The deal was that if I had a good phone, I had to use it- have it charged and on my person more often than not.  It’s been a year now and I am proud to say that I made good on my resolution.  I am now a cell phone user and frequent texter.  You can reach me at least 12/7.

Feeling emboldened by my success last year, I have made THREE new resolutions this year.  Research shows that in order to be successful at sticking to a resolution, you should make it public.  Since I am fairly sure that this blog has few followers, making my resolution public here feels pretty safe!

Carrie’s 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

1.  Turn off lights when I leave the room. One small step for the planet!  You may notice that the lights are not often on in my office… now you know why.

2.  Get more sleep. I am aiming for at least 7.5 hours a night.

3.  Read 52 Kid Lit books this year. Yes, that’s right- one for every week of the year.  And I don’t mean picture books- I have a stack of childrens novels that I always meant to read…  I will post my progress here!

This week:  Holes by Louis Sachar.

This is the website that inspired me to make this resolution.

Any one else out there want to join me?

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